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Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency with Slack Tips and Tricks

Updated: Jan 23

Slack is a powerful tool for communication and collaboration, but are you using it to its full potential? In this blog post, we will share some of the best Slack tips and tricks that will help you work smarter, faster, and better. Whether you are a Slack beginner or a power user, you will find something useful and interesting in this list. Let's get started!

1. Set your status 🚦

In the professional world, every minute counts. Imagine you're leading a critical project, and you need to stay focused without interruptions. Setting your Slack status to "In a Meeting" or "Deep Work Mode" sends a clear signal to your team that you're currently unavailable for casual chats. It's a subtle yet effective way to manage expectations and keep your productivity high.

Storytime: You're in the midst of negotiating a major deal with a client. Every message or notification could derail your concentration. By setting your status to "Focused on Client Meeting," your team knows not to disturb you unless it's absolutely necessary. It's the secret to maintaining professionalism and delivering stellar results.

2. Use reminders

Ah, the sweet smell of productivity! With Slack's reminder feature, you can keep yourself and your team on track. Just head to Direct Messages, ping Slackbot, and type a nifty command like `/remind me to finish reports by 5 pm.` It's like having your own digital assistant!

Storytime: Ever get so engrossed in work that you forget to take breaks? Set reminders to stretch, grab water, or simply breathe. It keeps you sharp, trust me! 💪

3. Customize your notifications 🔕

Ping! Ping! Notifications can be a blessing and a curse. But fear not, you can tailor them to your liking. Click your name, choose "Preferences," and dive into the notification settings. Mute what you don't need and stay focused. 🤐

Storytime: Imagine working on a big project presentation when suddenly, cat videos flood your screen. Customizing notifications keeps your workflow smooth and purr-fectly distraction-free.

4. Use slash commands 🎯

Slash commands are like magic spells for Slack. They're quick, easy, and make you feel like a wizard. Just type /slash-command in the message box, and watch the magic happen. From muting channels to setting your status, these shortcuts are your secret weapons.

Storytime: It's a busy day, and you need to leave a channel. Instead of hunting for the leave button, type `/leave`, and you're out of there in a flash. Abracadabra! 🪄

5. Integrate with other apps 📦

Slack is like the Swiss Army knife of communication. It plays nice with tons of apps you already use daily. Link up your email, calendar, project management tools – you name it! Access real-time updates and actions without leaving Slack. Efficiency? Check! ⏭️

Storytime: You're managing a project with multiple apps - emails for updates, a calendar for meetings, and a project management tool for tasks. It was a juggling act until you discovered Slack's app integrations. You integrated all these apps into Slack. Now, you receive updates, notifications, and even complete tasks without switching between tabs. Slack has become your command center, saving you time and making you more efficient than ever.

6. Use threads 🧵

In the fast-paced world of Slack, where ideas flow freely and discussions are dynamic, keeping conversations organized can be a challenge. That's where threads come to the rescue! Threads are like having separate rooms for different discussions, allowing your main channel to stay focused and clutter-free.🚀

Storytime: You're in a Slack channel discussing a critical project, and ideas are flowing like a river. In the past, this resulted in a cluttered main channel, making it hard to keep track of the main discussion. But today, you're using threads. You start a thread for the most intense part of the conversation, allowing the main channel to stay focused. It's like having separate rooms for different discussions, and your team appreciates the clarity. Thanks to threads, your projects sail smoother than ever before.

7. Use emojis and reactions 😄👍

Emojis and reactions are not just for fun, they are also a great way to communicate and collaborate on Slack. You can use emojis to express your emotions, opinions, feedback, and more. You can also use reactions to quickly respond to messages, vote on polls, acknowledge tasks, and more. To use emojis, click on the smiley face icon in the message box and choose from the emoji picker. To use reactions, hover over a message and click on the add reaction icon.

Storytime: Sometimes words can't convey the excitement of nailing a project. That's where the celebratory 🎉 emoji comes in! When your team sees it, they know it's time for virtual high-fives.

8. Create your own emoji 🖼️

If you want to take your emoji game to the next level, you can create your own custom emoji on Slack. You can upload any image or GIF and turn it into an emoji that you and your team can use. To create your own emoji, go to the emoji picker and click on the "Add Emoji" button. You can then choose a name and an image for your emoji and save it.

Storytime: Imagine having a custom emoji for your team's inside jokes or a mascot for your projects. It adds a personal touch and keeps the fun alive even in remote work setups. 🤖

9. Use stars and pins ⭐📌

Stars and pins are handy features that let you mark and save important messages and files on Slack. You can use stars to bookmark messages or files that you want to access later. You can use pins to highlight messages or files that are relevant to the whole channel. To use stars, hover over a message or file and click on the star icon. To use pins, hover over a message or file and click on the pin icon. You can then view all your starred or pinned items by clicking on the star or pin icon in the top right corner of Slack.

Storytime: You're in a brainstorming session, and a colleague drops a game-changing idea. Instead of scrolling endlessly, just star the message, and you've got it at your fingertips when you need it most.

10. Use keyboard shortcuts ⌨️

Keyboard shortcuts are the ultimate way to speed up your work on Slack. They let you perform various actions and navigate Slack with just a few keystrokes.

Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts are:

- Ctrl + K - Switch channels or conversations

- Ctrl + F - Search messages or files

- Ctrl + U - Upload a file

- Ctrl + Shift + A - Mark all messages as read

- Ctrl + Shift + M - Show all unread messages

- Ctrl + Shift + T - Show all threads

- Ctrl + Shift + I - Show all mentions

- Ctrl + Shift + E - Show all emoji reactions

- Ctrl + . - Open the main menu

- Ctrl + / - Show a list of keyboard shortcuts

Storytime: Imagine having a whole conversation without lifting your fingers off the keyboard

. Keyboard shortcuts are like the secret handshake of the Slack elite. 💼


These are some of the best Slack tips and tricks that will help you boost your productivity and efficiency. By using these tips, you can make the most of Slack and enjoy its benefits.

Looking for expert guidance in maximizing your Slack experience? Contact VerticalNexus, your trusted Slack consulting firm, at Our team is here to streamline your workflows and elevate your productivity.


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